2018 Speaker Notes

We post all speaker notes that are provided to us.
Note: some speakers prefer not to release their notes.

Name Title Presentation Date
Dan Casey Guidelines for Suicide Intervention and Postvention
Mon, May 21, Workshop 4 & 5
Dr. Caldwell Nuckols The Opiate Crisis: Understanding & Treating the Opiate Addict...
Wed, May 23, Keynote
Dr. Caldwell Nuckols Treating the Emerging Young Adult Alcoholic and Addict...
Thurs, May 24, Keynote
Dr. Caldwell Nuckols The Art & Science of Healing...
Wed, May 23, Session 6, Focus 2
Dr. Caldwell Nuckols Borderline, Antisocial & Narcissistic Personality Disorders...
Thurs, May 24, Session 7, Focus 4
Dr. Caldwell Nuckols Understanding and Treating Cannabis (Cannabinoid) Use...
Thurs, May 24, Session 8, Focus 3
Dr. Caldwell Nuckols The Treatment of Moral Injury
Wed, May 23, Session 5, General Focus
Dr. Haner Hernandez Addressing Health Disparities in Substance Misuse...

Training PowerPoint

Training_National CLASS Standards Fact Sheet

Tool Increasing Cultural Competence
Tues, May 22, Session 1 & 2, Focus 1,
parts 1 & 2
Lonnetta Albright An Overview of ROSC...
Wed, May 23, Session 4, Focus 2
Ron Jackson Partnering with Providers/Stakeholders in MAT
Wed, May 23, Session 4, Focus 5
Jay Otto Applying Three Lessons About Prevention to... Thurs, May 24, Session 7, Focus 1
Jay Otto Overview of the Positive Culture Framework Thurs, May 24, Session 8, General Focus
Magni Hamso MAT 101: Treatment of Opiod Use Disorder... Tues, May 22 Session 3, Focus 5
Paul Meglio Probation is from Mars and Treatment... Wed, May 23 Session 6, Focus 5